Our Journey

Welcome to Yagya Australia

Kiran Chandan, the founder of Yagya has been dabbling into the healing world since 2004. She is an amazing facilitator looking to create and add more in people’s life. Her quest to have an abundant life for all has changed lives across the globe. She believes we all live in an abundant world where everything is possible.

Having a constant urge to look at adding more to the toolbox of healing while in India, the creation of Yagya began in 2015 just as a moment of epiphany emerging from Kiran’s healing experiences around clients and their spaces. The dawn of 2019, Yagya presents a series of products which are now proudly Australian made.

All the ingredients used in our products come from the sources of nature. Mother Earth has so many gifts to heal our body in various ways. We have harnessed her gifts and added them into our products, the beautiful outcome in the form of bath salts, essential oil blends and incenses to clear and nurture both bodies and spaces, inside out. Our aim is to contribute each of our clients, the luxury of living with a purpose to reach a space of inner peace and healing within. Yagya, as the name suggests is a ritual towards an enriched life.

At Yagya, we promise to relieve your stress after a long tiresome day. The products are handcrafted with love to bring about change, abundance and growth in every area of your life. Working with incenses and oil blends help to clear, nurture the home and office spaces creating an environment of peace and calm for all as spaces too, both homes and offices have energetic and emotional residues which could hamper the relationships and productivity of the inhabitants.